"After experiencing a rapid deterioration of my bones, in my 40's, I am full of gratitude to have VIBRANT HEALTH in my 50's!   A severe, chronic inflammation limited my ability to walk.  I had to use a wheelchair for five years.  The inflammation affected my ability to process thoughts; therefore, I could no longer work, thus resulting in being placed on permanent disability.  Not only was my physical body deteriorating but also my mental and spiritual.  I often asked myself, "If this is it, if this is my life, then why live it?"  I wanted to choose death over a life of constant pain and illness. And I almost did.  However, I found my inner strength, my inner self, and my Angels.  I Chose to LIVE.  On my quest to regain my health, I discovered Frequency can repair and rejuvenate our cells (organs tissues and brain).  With the help of vibrational medicine, BEMER changed my life.  I believe if the BEMER helps me, it helps Horses too. 

Although I currently have metal rods throughout my spine, Today, I am a walking miracle.  BEMER changed my life and brought out a passion to share this healing with others. I look forward to share BEMER with Horses and their Human companions!" 

~ Rae McGinn


BEMER Vet at Lone Oak Farm, NC



" We offer Bemer sessions for people and horses as well as dogs and cats. PM me for details and appointments. I can’t say enough about the healing I’ve experienced in a few short weeks with the Bemer. Our horses have also responded positively to the horse Bemer which was developed in conjunction with NASA who uses this technology in their spacesuits to increase blood flow amongst other things. Come give it a try."

~ Mark Feagan


"I find the BEMER PRO is simply amazing.  After years of trying to treat my chronic back pain, I discovered my condition to only be maintainable.  Within a few short weeks of using the BEMER BRO, I find my problems are removed in a way I've never experienced before.  I haven't felt this well in many years."

~ Mark Feagan


Animal Companions Benefit too!

The Bemer is helping Fred’s quality of life in retirement (he’s 16 yrs old and holding strong!)  After a few short sessions he is walking so much better.  

~ Mark Feagan



"I was introduced to BEMER at a unique time, just after a hard fall resulted in a fractured rib on my left rib cage. My first session on the BEMER I could barely lie flat to have a session. By just the second session, my pain was considerably reduced. I had 4-5 sessions total and it appeared the BEMER dramatically increased healing speed and reduced recovery time."

~ Dr. Todd Stone


"I just want to thank you for introducing me to BEMER PRO.  I have purchased one for my home, my office, and my mother, who is 80 years old.  The fact that it increases the micro-circulation (which is 74% of our vascular system) by 30% for 12-15 hours is reason enough for me to want to have my own and share it with family and patients.  Also learning at the last BEMER academy that it is within the microcirculatroy vascular system where the nutrients are absorbed and the toxins are removed is another greate reason to want to BEMER daily!

In my own personal experience I have noticed better sleep, some major detoxification and decreased heart palpitaions.  I will be doing some lab work to see if it has helped my thyroid issues (Hashimoto's) which would be an extra bonus!"

~ Nancy G. Stoewe, D.C.